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Investment Software - INSIDERS

Investment Software - INSIDERS
  • Investment Software - INSIDERS
4 Years ago
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Investment Software - INSIDERS

FatnRich: New INSIDERS 2.2 enhancement features: 6 Reasons to add Insiders to your investment

FatnRich provides the best investment tool in the world – INSIDERS, the combination of new and high technology of investing formulae in order to help investors simplify their investment in the most strategic manner. INSIDERS also guide investors to maximize return with minimum capital outlay and minimization of risk. Investors can use it to trade Stocks, Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Futures, Forex, Options and so on.

Astounding 6 Reasons to add New INSIDERS 2.2 to your investment:

1. Buy-Sell Signals
Do not know the right timing to buy or sell your stocks? Insiders definitely can help the investors to overcome such problem. Insiders provides Buy-Sell signals that have been proven with high accuracy. Before the market goes up, Insiders already detected it and the Buy signal will appear. At the same time, before the market goes down, Insiders already detected it and the Sell signal will be apparently appeared. As a result, investors can reap profits using this secure approach.

2. Bottom Price
The majority of investors primarily wish to enter the market at the lowest price. Technically speaking, Insiders has the ability to track the bottom price. Investors entering the market at the lowest price; are entering the market before it goes up and thus can gain more profits than others.

3. Current Market Situation (CMS)
As the name imply, INSIDERS can detect current market situation in terms of market worst, market down, market recovery, market upsurge, buy timing as well as sell timing. Such analysis is very beneficial to the investors because it allows them to know the current situation of the market before they make any investment decision. CMS is also the best indicator for fund managers and syndicates.

4. Spicy Chilli
This is the hottest element in Insiders 2.1. Spicy Chilli can detect the entry price and exit price in advance whether in Stocks, Futures, CPO or Forex. Thus, it allows investors to know the right timing to buy long or buy short.

5. Stock Scanner
Stock scanner is a filtered list of stocks that have been speculated by the fund managers and syndicates. Because of the speculation, the market of the stocks can only be either going up or down. Subsequently, investors can gain their profits from these ranges instead of the sideway stocks that has not being speculated. For beginners, they can choose from the stock lists that have the potential to generate profits.

6. Ola
Ola is the latest feature in INSIDERS 2.2 in the shape of a wave pattern. Generally, Ola astonishingly can let the investors know the market future situations in advance. Such powerful feature can prevent or protect investors from losing their money invested in the stocks that are on the verge of dropping or dropping. Besides, Ola can also detect the lowest buy timing and highest sell timing accurately. Such is the powerful feature that investors are can’t afford not to possess!

With such remarkable features, INSIDERS is the best investment tool that provides investors commendable guidance and supports before and after they enter the market At such, why hesitate to subscribe now?

For the further information, please kindly contact us.
Welltodo Marketing Sdn Bhd
Telephone:04-891 3200 / 201
Mobile phone:012-475 7723 / 012-401 7723
Facebook: (Eng.)
: (Chi)

Tags : Investment software,way to create wealth,guidance for stocks investment

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