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LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星

LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
  • LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
  • LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
  • LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
  • LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
  • LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
3 Years ago
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LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星

LaZior Aqua Twins 保湿双子星
① Deep Sea Essence 50ml
② Hydro Antioxidant Water Serum 80ml

【Aqua Twins】

Aqua Twins 温和,清爽及平衡的保湿,能有效满足不同肤质对保湿的个人需求。 不同肌肤也要根据肤质的不同,选择适合的补水策略!

想让肌肤彻底恢复迷人透亮的红润,做好保湿才是关键。Aqua Twins有效改善肌肤干燥缺水问题,同时激发肌肤自身保湿能力。质地细腻、柔滑,为肌肤带来全新的感受。

- 通过马来西亚卫生部批准 ( 注册号:NOT141205706K )

Aqua Twins ①
- 自然清爽保湿及软化皮肤组织,有效去除肌肤表层的老化角质层。
- 强效吸收毒素及污垢并有效制止黑色素产生。
- 补充肌肤水分,使肌肤保持水嫩。
- 收缩毛孔。
- 促进肌肤新陈代谢。

Aqua Twins ②
- 含丰富保湿因子,增加皮肤水分。
- 减少细纹。
- 快速清爽滋润及锁水。
- 激活皮肤能量从而促进抗氧化剂。
- 维持胶原蛋白的生产及紧致肌肤。

成分:海洋水,甘油,丙二醇,海藻糖,透明质酸钠, 金缕梅,水溶性霍霍巴油,椰油,醇醚,卡波树脂,玫瑰花水,维他命E。

适合:- 所有肌肤、男女皆可
不适合: 肌肤有伤口、炎症有异常情况、过敏体质与肌肤敏感者

Aqua Twins ①
- 于洁面及使用爽肤水之后使用, 建议一日使用两次
- 用指尖涂抹适量Deep Sea Essence 于脸部,由上之下涂抹

Aqua Twins ②
- 于洁面、爽肤及使用Aqua Twins 2 (Hydro Antioxidant Water Cream) 之后使用, 建议一日使用两次
- 用指尖涂抹适量Hydro Antioxidant Water Cream 于脸部,由上之下涂抹,轻轻拍打,使它充分吸收。

【Aqua Twins】
The most crucial factor to repair and rejuvenate our skin is to moisturize our skin.AQUA TWINS is the best solution for solving dry skin problems and stimulate the self-hydrating function of the skin.The finest and smoothness will bring a brand new sensation to the skin.

Moderate moisture balance to meet the different moisturizing needs of individual women skin.This new formula is smoother, the delightfully refreshing texture is ideal for summer use. Intensely hydrated, the skin will feel soothed, smooth and supple.

- Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (Registered No. : NOT141205706K)

Aqua Twins ①
- Instantly delivers hydration and suppleness to dry skin.- Forms a natural moisture barrier on the surface for smoother and softer skin texture.- Deep cleansing, absorbing toxins and impurities- Removing dead skin- Stimulating skin cell metabolism and high moisture retention.

Aqua Twins ②
- Rapidly moisturize the skin and retain water without flowing away- Increase hydration of skin in order to brighten the skin.- Activate skin energy and promote to antioxidant.- Maintain collagen production, repairing and firming the skin.- Reduce fine lines and smoothen wrinkles.

Ingredients: Deep Sea water, Glycerol, Propylene glycol, Trehalose, Hyaluronate, Witch hazel, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Alcohol ether, Carbomer, Rose water, Vitamin E.

Suitable For:- Suitable for all skin types- For male & female
Not suitable for:- Wounds on the skin- Allergies and sensitive skin

Usage Instructions:
Aqua Twins 1 (Deep Sea Essence):
- Apply after cleansing & toning in the morning & evening.
- Drum fingertips over entire face, from top to bottom.

Aqua Twins 2 (Hydro Antioxidant Water Cream):
- Apply after cleansing, toning & Aqua Twins 2 (Hydro Antioxidant Water Cream), in the morning & evening.
- Drum fingertips over entire face, ap on entire face lightly from top to bottom.

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