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5 Classifications of Animation You Should be Aware of

a Year ago
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5 Classifications of Animation You Should be Aware of

Animation is not a new concept. In the world of multimedia, films, and games, all the kids and adults are aware of it. But, are you aware that there are different types of animation?
Yes! This article will guide you through the different styles and techniques used in the world of animation. Though it will not teach how to animate, in the end, you will be aware of the type of career you can choose to be a successful animator. Here you go:
• Traditional Animation- It is the oldest type of animation technique. Also known as cel animation, in this technique the artist uses hand-drawn images to develop the story i.e. sequential drawings that make the movement in a character. If you have seen one of those ‘flip-books’, this technique will sound familiar but here, the artists today use a light-box to create the drawings. This technique was used in the old Disney movies. • 2D Animation- This involves traditional hand-drawn animation techniques but here the artist uses different technologies and software to make the animation smoother and more interactive. Most commonly used software is Adobe Flash/Animate. However, you can use Photoshop, After Effects and few other software also.
2D animation is used not only in movies but also in games.

• 3D Animation- This one is the most common mode of animation. A series of images or frames are used to create the animation. The animation in a 3D software is done by posing the character into different keyframes, which automatically takes the in-between frames also. You can view the animation by clicking the ‘Play’ button.
The animator spends several hours playing with curvy and linear modes of animation. This is the latest technology used for many movies and high-end games. Popular software is Autodesk Maya, and others in the list include Autodesk MotionBuilder, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, and so on.

• Motion Graphics- Classified as an ‘animation’ technique, motion graphics differ from other types of animations. Have you seen animated logos, greeting cards, glitter texts, particles, and dynamic websites? All of them are classified under this type. It is usually done for promotional and commercial purposes. Most commonly used software are Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, and Cinema 4D.
• Stop Motion- This technique is just like traditional animation apart from the fact that it utilises photographs of the object to be animated. You have to keep clicking different photographs in different positions of the object. When all of them are played one after the other, it shows the movement of the object.
• Motion Capture- This is another latest technology which involves a real human in a suit that’s connected to the electronic image or graphic character. The character moves in the way the human does. If you want to become an expert in animation, you must be aware of these techniques and master one of them. To know more about animation course details, visit @

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